About us:
Who we are and what we can offer you
About the company:
RajhiSoft team work has an experience of more than 23 years in providing solutions to the application of computer systems with a large varied customer base in different fields, all of whom are working in a multiuser environment making RajhiSoft eligible to provide the needs of factories, companies and medium and large institutions of application software by using the latest technologies in Information that have been developed in a manner that made the products of RajhiSoft a superior to its peers.

As well, the unique multi-language technology made the screens shift between the two languages (English and Arabic) very easy and no need to use separate programs for each language.
And in a multinational working environment such as in the Middle East situation, the bilingual business programs have become one of the needs of the business.
According to the extensive use of IT and telecommunications in addition to reliance on cellular networks for data transmission for the first time, the products of RajhiSoft became of a global and technical sophisticated nature.
Company Objectives:
RajhiSoft seeks to excel in the design, development, marketing and support of software applications for computer at international programs level, by
using local expertise and modern development systems for the production of application software of multiple technologies to meet Commercial, industrial and service needs. As well it seeks to develop special programs for each client needs of affordable and a record time.
Company Vision:
RajhiSoft seeks to see the Middle East self-satisfied of locally produced computer systems. It also seeks to target the active participation and enrichment in this area.
Company Services:
Since RajhiSoft provides integrated solutions to its customers' needs, in addition to specialized systems and application software for business and Industrial areas, it provides a range of services that help the client to achieve the best results in the application and use of computers.
These services include the following:
Provide specialized consultancies to requirements of its customers in the application of computer systems.
Supply and installation of equipment necessary for the client's needs.
Linking the different branches of the client with the main center through remote communication devices and communication networks.
Supply, preparation and installation of wiring required for connections between different components and hardware of the system.
Preparation of the master device (server) and subsidiary devices by installing the additional operating systems and software to work in a multi-user environment.
Installation of systems and application software on the subsidiary hardware.
Training users on the application software.
Provide technical support on programs and maintenance of the hardware.
Transfer of customer data from systems of companies competing the users of RajhiSoft systems after studying the possibility thereof.
Maintenance and technical support:
RajhiSoft is aware that provision of technical support for application programs and maintenance of equipment is the key factor in achieving success and customer satisfaction, so the company offers annual maintenance contracts for its systems and application programs and other for hardware as follows:
Systems and programs of maintenance contracts including:
Technical support on the phone with the caller user.
Technical Support through direct contact with the working team online.
Technical support by visiting the customer on site.
Free update for any new versions of software and application systems.
Head Quarter registration number: 120 192 - Date: 1414 H
Rajhi IT , Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Riyadh - Malaz – Sitteen Street
P.O. B: 27301 - Postal Code: 11417
Telephone (unified number): 920002318
Fax: 8 127 900 - Mobile 00966563570392

General Manager: Abdul Rahman Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi

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