Integrated feature set meets the needs of your business

Accounting entry and final accounts, banks and fund accounts

Prepared to work with IATA licensors & connected with all booking systems

Works in an effective manner on clouds or locally on the Agency server

Multilingual comprehensive accounting system for travel agents

Printing bank cheque
New features in the system

Work from anywhere

Free updates

No need for additional hardware only a computer and Internet connection

The highest levels of security for data protection

Daily Backup sent to your email

Branches connected via the Internet, and no need for costly VPN

System features

• Ticketing system paper or electronic.
• Automated import of booking programs.
• Ticket sales in all cases on account, in cash or by using the electronic card.
• Enter the symbols used by airlines and save them automatically.
• An annual report on airline sales.
• Make accounting entries automatically and the possibility of introducing the opening entry (account balances at the beginning of the new year).
• Enter reservations and agents accounts.
• Comprehensive hotel reports with details of guests.
• Introduction of visa applications with costs.
• Comprehensive reports of visa and cost details.
• Enter air bills of lading.
• Information on policies issued and received.
• General journal entries (local and foreign currency )
• Prepare estimated balances of the accounts for comparison with actual ones.
• Movement of general ledger accounts
• Record of operations: notices, bonds, etc.
• Financial flows
• Bank accounts (domestic and foreign)
• Letters of Credit
• Audit balances
• Statements of income
   • Other receivables
    • Other payables
    • Notes payable (Bills)
• Receivables: Reconstruction of customer receivables, payroll ...
• Payables: Reconstruction of suppliers receivables, payroll ...
• Financial centers
• Help Professionals

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