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Front Offices :
•  Bookings - individuals and groups
•  Arrival and Departure
•  Hotel striped with the colors state of the rooms
•  Fund Movement
•  Bills
•  Maintenance Program
•  SMS management for Hotel status
•  Arrival and Departure SMS to customers

•  automatic deportation of daily hotel
•  Purchases
•  Sales
•  Bank accounts
•  Assets and depreciation
•  Daily accounting
•  Inventory
•  Audit balance
•  Audit
•  Final Budget

Restaurants :
•  Work on the touch screen
•  Deportation orders to the bills
•  Direct Sales
•  Invoices print
•  Daily reports

Employees :
•  Employees full detail
•  Auto Human Resource audit from devices
•  Vacations and holidays debts
•  Employees salaries account
•  Connected with the back-office automatically
New features in the system

Work from anywhere

Free updates

No need for additional hardware only a computer and Internet connection

The highest levels of security for data protection

Daily Backup sent to your email

Branches connected via the Internet, and no need for costly VPN

System features

Front offices program:
ReceptionSearch and query for the presence of the client at the hotel, the expected and the actual arrival and departure for individuals and groups.
Reception for individuals and groups: whether they had reservations or without reservations.
Fund Client requests, the Fund's cash movement and closure, issuance of residence charges, and follow up of departures for groups and individuals.
Internal SupervisionRoom status whether empty of occupied, services provided , shows room status report, and reporting of variations (the difference between the reception and the internal supervision).
Maintenance Departmentfollow orders and tasks section (order maintenance, preventive maintenance).

Accounting software in back offices
AccountsA comprehensive accounts directory, financial limits, accounts reports, and the closing accounts.
WarehousesPrint bar code labels for all assets, furniture and furnishings in the hotel, bills entering, purchases, memoranda of receipt and delivery, transport of materials, the movement of materials reports, system orders, inventory reports, and expiry dates of food.
Cost AccountingCatering costs, and the costs of rooms rental for adoption as cost centers.

Sales and marketing program
Documentation of all communications, archiving all customers of the hotel. Communicate with all customers by fax, messages (SMS), e-mail.

Reports Management Program
Reception reports, internal supervision, custody, fund, maintenance, hotel management. sales management Reports, in addition to a large number of daily, monthly and annual reports.

The system of communication between the program and administrators remotely
Send any report as a message (SMS) or (E-Mail) for administrators on request. Inquire about the possibility of booking. The possibility of booking through bi-directional messaging with the system.

Personnel Affairs and Salaries Program
Preparing the organization Chart (administrative structure) of the hotel, employee information, benefits and the movement of wages, deductions and advances, follow up of expertise and qualifications of personnel, time keeping through adoption of one of the surveillance devices by fingerprints and electronic cards, preparation and processing of letters and forms for the facility, enter formal data and documents of the establishment and early verification of its validity.

Restaurants and points of sale Program:
Addresses the restaurant management tasks in terms of sales via the touch screen and the customer display screen, as well handles the process of manufacturing the meals and amounts with respect to cost, also organizes the kitchen for delivery of customer orders automatically through printing them in the kitchen, and the system has a communications program specially for delivery of orders.
System screenshoots

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