Web Site design:
Web Sites programming, design and implementation
AlRajhiSoft offers the service of Professional web design for companies and institutions the work nature of which needs a Web site of its own. Where RajhiSoft has its own integrated team of systems analysts and consultants, programmers, designers who are experienced, professionals and efficient. The design and production process for the website to be fruitful, must pass the following phases:

First - Information Gathering stage:

Carried out in coordination between system analysis department at Al RajhiSoft and the competent administrative departments of the client in order to draw a general outline for the functioning of the system and to identify its particulars

Second - The analytical study stage:

The systems analysis team in cooperation with the programming team shall develop the analytical study of the system based on the flow diagram of the system and the particulars of the first stage, costs are also determined, as well as the length of time estimated for the construction of the project.

Third - The contracting and agreement stage:

Conducted in collaboration between Al-RajhiSoft and the client, where they first discuss the analytical study and make certain adjustments, then the agreement on cost and duration.

Fourth - The executive study stage:

Based on the analytical study results, RajhiSoft programming team chooses the software tools and appropriate databases, then draw the program general layout, determine the number of required pages, and its programming requirements.

Fifth. - The programming stage:

Create the software texts on the site and link the pages to each other based on the results of the 4th stage, then the design and direction team completes the windows.

Sixth - The Commissioning and Reform stage:

This is done in three steps:
1. Systems analysts test the compatibility between the system and the analytical study, and programming team shall be notified in case of any shortage.
2. A test version of the system will be installed on the customer's area, then the system is running for a trial period while recording any observations and errors that might occur to be addressed quickly.
3. The site will finally be handed over after addressing all errors and consideration of the customer requirements.

Seventh - The development stage:
RajhiSoft provides its customers with site development services for their own sites where ideas and new proposals are passed, and the process requires the mass to pass over the six production stages.

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