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"National tourist information network," one of the important tributaries that help in maintaining security in Saudi Arabia and that the exchange dealers data with the private sector of the citizens and residents to the beneficiaries of the security and government sectors using technology and secure systems to reduce the risks arising from the exchange of information, is also seeking for the dissemination of computer awareness among the private sector. It aims to open the exchange channel of information for the development of mutual cooperation in business.
Shomoos It is a service provided by the ELM Information Security Company and Al Rajhi Soft an accredited provider company for this service.

1. Unified data tourist information private sector serve all beneficiaries base configuration.
2. Facilitate the exchange of tourism information between the private sector and the speed of access.
3. The composition of computer architecture to automate processes between the different sectors.
4. Achieve a complementary mechanism between information held by government agencies of the private sector.
5. Reduce the cost of the various sectors in the field of installation, operation and maintenance of various computer systems.
6. dissemination of computer awareness among the private sector.

1. Hotels.
2. Furnished flats, bungalows and guest houses.
3. Car rental offices.
4. Gold and jewelry shops.

" Elm partners program " grants our customers numerous privileges, and opens prospects for new business opportunities, helps them to enter a promising market, and provides them with new areas to invest in e-business, such as e-government services and e-learning. Al RajhiSoft has joined this program, and is working to develop computer applications in collaboration with Elm company, and recently ACAD; the hotels management and operation system has been linked with Shumoos security system.

System features include:
• Does not require additional effort from the user as the migration process is done automatically, when soothing the guest, or check-out, or modification of ACCAD system.
• Does not need to copy the travel document .
• Linked with the system for reading and analyzing the travel documents .

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