Integrated feature set meets the needs of your business

Reading and analyzing passport data

Read Gulf ID data

Read, analyzing and saving in one command

Work inside front office program
New features in the system

Work from anywhere

Free updates

No need for additional hardware only a computer and Internet connection

The highest levels of security for data protection

Daily Backup sent to your email

Branches connected via the Internet, and no need for costly VPN

System features

1) Quick reading and analyzing passport data for example no more than 3 to 4 seconds.
2) Can read Gulf, Saudi Arabian and residence identification data.
3) Operations of read, analyzing and saving of data are executed through a single command by the user.
4) No need to save a copy of the travel document as the data is analyzed directly.
5) working within the front office as one unit.
Data Migration to Shomoos system:
The system has been linked with Shumoos system to enter guests data automatically to the system through a program of front office, which saves a lot of time needed to enter data via Shumoos and is characterized by the following:
1) The process of migrating data does not need any special effort by the user where the front offices program automatically migrates data to the Shumoos system at every individual or group check-in or check-out.
2) In case the automatic migration fails because of something wrong with the network, the system retains the un transferred data in a special table and the user is notified of the existence of the data that could not be migrated to the Shumoos system where he can login to the re-migration screen.
3) A separate version of the system is available associated with automated documents reading system.

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