Licensed Windows
Licensed Microsoft Windows operating systems
AlRajhiSoft provide licensed original copies of the Windows operating systems for small and medium GGWA-SMO and large GGWA-LO and academic GGWA-A also provides access to the original set of tools GGK

Genuine Windows is published by Microsoft and can help your organization stay competitive and maintain its stellar reputation. When all of your Microsoft software is genuine and properly licensed, your company has:

• Protection from the risks that can be associated with counterfeit software, such as viruses, spyware, and other malicious software. Genuine Windows gives you peace of mind that your critical business information is safer and more secure.
• Reliability you can count on through reduced downtime caused by system failures and security breaches. Only genuine Windows is supported by Microsoft and provides access to all updates and optional downloads.
• Performance that is faster and gives your company a leg up. With genuine Windows you save valuable time needed to complete business tasks and don’t need to worry about unwanted licensing interruptions.
• Confidence that your company is fully in compliance with Microsoft Software License Terms and is seen as a trustworthy, reputable business partner by your employees, partners, and customers.

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